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Italian Studies

Lives of the Saints  Theme of superstition and show examples o Snakes: green good (mother was bitten by), brown bad; the next baby born by the person bitten will give birth to a baby with a snake head o Confession ritual: either confess or you burn a chicken carcass (but take out the heart first to make you strong) this takes away the curse or the sin that you have committed o The mother has the “evil eye” because she had been committing adultery while being bitten o Since one person has committed a sin, the villagers think that it will spread like a disease; so they alienate the family completely because Cristina did not confess  What is life like in the Ville de Selle? o Small population; no electricity o Area was filled with farmland o The people in the town were very superstitious  Describe the main characters o Vittorio: very immature, totally oblivious to the world around him o Cristina: controversial; rebellious (goes against all beliefs and traditions)  She is a very head strong people and does not buy into the superstitions  She is very out spoken/ no filter; she doesn’t care what her village thinks  Other women just do what they are supposed to do, whereas Cristina does not do or fall in line with how women in society should act  Women of the town seem to fear her but admire her at the same time  In the novel, we learn that Vittorio’s father may be beat her; when he left she was no longer oppressed  Fabrizio: friends with Vittorio, and they had a love hate relationships (gives him his knife when he leaves, and Fabrizio told him to invite him over to Canada) o The Grandfather: follows beliefs religiously; disapproves of Cristina’s beliefs and actions; “says she is a disgrace to the family  He is the unofficial major of the town; because he was a decorated soldier (leg stepped on by a horse)  In the church, he has a front pew because the town looks up to him  He ends up resigning as this post because of his daughter’s (Cristina’s) actions. He was ashamed of her
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