JS120 Lecture 15: JS 120 Lecture 15 March 2

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11 Feb 2016
March 2, 2015
JS 120 Lecture 14 (Module 10)
Assignment two has been posted and is Due March 12
- Jacob going to return and encounter his brother
- Chapter 32
oIn the Bible there is no moment of being startled when God is seen
on the earth- everyone who encounters something godly
oAncient mind saw God everywhere and therefore in the Bible it
re+ects this- unlike today’s age when we see God as transcendent
- Chapter 32: 4- sounds like Jacob may regret what he had done (calling his
brother Lord)
- Chapter 32: 6- Esau has four hundred men
oJacob interprets this as a threat that the 400 men is something bad and
a battle is happening
- 32: 9- Jacob is telling God that he needs to keep his word- covenant
oThe relationship with God and Jacob and the prayers are not like today
where we thank God
- 32: what Jacob does to protect his people
o1) separate his group
o2) ask gods help
o3) bring gifts to Esau so he will take mercy
o4) Had a dream
o5) He sends everyone away except himself (Chapter 32: 24)
- 32:24- he wrestles with a man
oIt’s not said to be an angel; this man is not a normal person because
he needs to leave before the morning sun comes up.
- 32:27-30- he thinks that he has encountered God and has been blessed
oDietary restrictions- won’t eat the hip
- 32:30- he has struggled with God or seen him face to face
- “Israel is the one who sees God” – this is a translation of Jacob’s new name
- The angel is the guardian of Esau – and Jacob is sensing this because he feels
oBut he has fought Esau he is working out the con+ict between Esau
and himself
oTranslators and later rationalize say that it is a dream because humans
can’t talk to God
Dream – he is in pain walking- psychodynamic (vivid dreams)
- Freud article on learn-(Ilona Rashkow reading)
oJacob feels guilty, working out the con+ict with Esau
oFirst time he is >ghting and talking to Esau –
oJacob wants his brothers forgiveness
oThe person represents Esau
Esau is striking Jacob in the thigh like the opposite of birth- when
Jacob was holding Esau down
Jacob wants a blessing 32:26- Jacob wants a true blessing
Who are you? I am Jacob – similar to Isaac asking Jacob
his name before he blessed him (mistake between Esau
and Jacob)
- 33:1-2- Jacob still has fear that Esau is a threat and he puts the people he
loves the most at the back to protect them over the others
- 33- people who do not like to see Esau as a sincere forgiving person say
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