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Summary Chart for Abdomen and Back Summary chart listing the muscles of the abdomen and back, including origin, insertion, innervation and main action.

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KIN 100
Stephen Prentice

Muscles of the Anterolateral Abdominal Wall pg116 notes pg 199 txbkMuscleOriginInsertionInnervationMain actionthRectus abdominusPubic symphysis and Xiphoid process and 5Lower Flexes trunk lumbar vertebrae and thpubic crest7 costal cartilagesintercostalcompresses abdominal viscera antagonists of the diaphragm to produce expiration increase pressure within abdomen stabilizes and controls tilt of pelvis antilordosisthTransverse abdominal Internal surfaces of 7Linea alba with Lower Compresses and supports th12 costal cartilages aponeurosis of internal intercostalabdominal viscera antagonists of thoracolumbar fascia oblique pubic crest and the diaphragm to produce rd iliac crest and lateral 3pecten pubis via conjoint expiration increase pressure of inguinal ligamenttendonwithin abdomen flex trunkthInternal obliqueThoracolumbar fascia Inferior borders of 10Compress and support abdominal thanterior 23s of iliac 12 ribs linea alba and viscera antagonists of the crest and lateral half of pecten pubis via conjoint diaphragm to produce expiration inguinal ligamenttendonincrease pressure within abdomen flex and rotate trunkthExternal obliqueExternal surfaces of 5Linea and alba pubic Lower Increase pressure within abdomen th ribs12tubercle and anterior intercostals flexion and rotation of the trunkhalf of iliac crestand L1Diaphragm and Levator ani pg 116 notesMuscleOriginInsertionInnervationMain actionDiaphragmLumbar vertebrae 12 Its own central tendonPhrenic nerve C3 C4Inspiration expulsion of 3 xiphoid process abdominal contents aid lower 6 ribs and venous return blood cartilagesback to heartmoves up and down
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