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Summary Chart for Upper Limb Summary chart for muscles of the upper limb including their origin, insertion, innervation and main action.

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KIN 100
Stephen Prentice

Anterior Axioappendicular MusclesMuscleProximal Attachment Distal Attachment InnervationMain ActionorigininsertionPectoralis Clavicular head anterior Lateral lip of Lateral and medial Adducts and medially rotates humerus draws majorsurface of medial half of intertubercular pectoral nerves scapula anteriorly and inferiorly Acting clavicle groove of humerusclavicular head C5 alone clavicular head flexes humerus and Sternocostal head C6 sternocostal sternocostal head extends it from the flexed anterior surface of head C7 C8 T1positionsternum superior six costal cartilages aponeurosis of external oblique musclerdthPectoralis 35 ribs her their Medial border and Medial pectoral nerve Stabilizes scapula by drawing it inferiorly and minorcostal cartilagessuperior surface of C8 T1anteriorly against thoracic wallcoracoid process of scapulastsubclaviusJunction of 1 rib and its Inferior surface of Nerve to subclavius Anchors and depresses claviclerdcostal cartilagemiddle 3 of clavicleC5 C6Serratus External surfaces of Anterior surface of Long thoracic nerve Protracts scapula and holds it against thoracic stthanteriorlateral parts of 18 ribsmedial border of C5 C6 C7wall rotates scapulascapulaPosterior Axioappendicular and Scapulohumeral Muscles continuedMuscleProximal Attachment Distal Attachment InnervationMain ActionorigininsertionSuperficial posterior axioappendicular extrinsic shoulder musclesrdrdTrapeziusMedial 3 of superior Lateral 3 of clavicle Accessory nerve CN Descending part elevates nuchal line external acromion and spine of Xl motor fibers and ascending part depresses and occipital protuberance scapulaC3 C4 spinal nerves middle part or all parts nuchal ligament spinous pain and proprioceptive together retracts scapula processes of C7T12 fibersdescending and ascending parts vertebraeact together to rotate glenoid cavity superiorlyLatissimus dorsiSpinous processes of Floor of intertubercular Thoracodorsal nerve Extends adducts and medially inferior 6 thoracic groove of humerusC6 C7 C8rotates humerus raises body vertebrae thoracolumbar toward arms during climbingfascia iliac crest and inferior 3 or 4 ribsDeep posterior axioappendicular extrinsic shoulder musclesLevator scapulaePosterior tubercles of Medial border of scapula Dorsal scapular C5 and Elevates scapula and tilts its transverse processes of superior to root of spinecervical C3 C4 nervesglenoid cavity inferiorly by C1C4 vertebraerotating scapulaRhomboid minor and Minor nuchal ligament Minor smooth Dorsal scapular nerve Retract scapula and rotate it to majorspinous processes of C7 triangular area at medial C4 C5depress glenoid cavity fix and T1 vertebraeend of scapular spinescapula to thoracic wallMajor spinous Major medial border ofprocesses of T2T5 scapula from level ofvertebraespine to inferior angleScapulohumeral intrinsic shoulder musclesrddeltoidLateral 3 of clavicle Deltoid tuberosity of Axillary nerve C5 C6Anterior part flexes and acromion and spine of humerusmedially rotates armscapulaMiddle part abducts armPosterior part extends and laterally rotates armsupraspinatusSupraspinous fossa of Superior facet of greater Suprascapular nerve Initiates and assists deltoid in scapulatubercle of humerusC4 C5 C6abduction of arm and acts with rotator cuff musclesinfraspinatusInfraspinous fossa of Middle facet of greater Suprascapular nerve Laterally rotate arm helps hold
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