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KIN 104
Stuart Mc Gill

Kin 104 – Lecture 1 9/18/2012 10:07:00 AM Physical Culture 3 fundamental categories 1. Precision (Developed patterns-more well) 2. Progression (set and achieve goals) 3. Variety (create a broad movement competency) Norman Ashton  putting all the Kinesiology things together Definition of Kinesiology “To optimize health, to prevent injury and illness, and to extend the years of high quality life through understanding cellular to societal implications of physical activity, nutrition and lifestyle” Kinesiology came from a Discipline to a Profession “College of Kinesiology” Professional Representation  Ontario Kinesiology Assiociation: o Representative body for kinesiology in Ontario since 1982 o Member of the Canadian kinesiologist Alliance o Whole idea is to “Protect you” College of Kinesiologist of Ontario  Professional College  Mandate is “to protect the public” Kinesiology – Scope of practice “The practice of kinesiology is the assessment of human movement and performance and its rehabilitation and management to maintain, rehabilitate or enhance movement and performance” Controlled Acts  Communicating a diagnosis  Arriving at a diagnosis is OK  You report the results of an assessment but you cannot diagnose  E.g. Not allowed to diagnose a medical label “You have Parkinson‟s”  Wording is EVERYTHING What is Jurisprudence? Jurisprudence governs the practice of physiotherapy in Ontario Domain 1: Confidentiality and Privacy  Necessity to maintain confidentiality Domain 2: Conflict of Interest  Need to disclose potential conflict of interest situations Domain 3: Consent  Patients must be informed about the nature, purpose, risks and benefits of any intervention and agree to the intervention Domain 4: Continuing Competency  Maintain essential competencies Domain 5: Practice Management  Collaborate and work in inter-professional
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