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University of Waterloo
KIN 104
Stuart Mc Gill

Kinesiology: Profession Evolution: Discipline →→ Profession Ontario Kinesiology Association: Representative body for kinesiology in Ontario since 1982 they represent your interests Member of the Canadian Kinesiology alliance: Assist with continuing education College of kinesiology of Ontario: mandate to protect the public (Laws and Enforcement) Scope of the practice “the practice of kinesiology is the assessment of human movement and performance and its rehabilitation and management to maintain rehabilitate or enhance movement and performance” RHPA 2010 - Not an exclusive scope but a broad mandate - Much needs to be interpreted such as “corrective and therapeutic exercise” in terms of “Risk of Harm” Legislative Landscape - Regulation under the “act” → RHPA (Regulated Health Professions Act) - Controlled Acts o Kinesiologists are not allowed to perform any controlled acts: ie. Communicating a diagnosis or applying/ordering a form of energy o Communicating a diagnosis: arriving at a diagnosis is OK, your report results of an assessment but you can’t give a diagnosis to patients o Not Allowed: eg. Medical Label “you have Parkinson’s” o Allowed: “The pain is coming from the L4 segment and in my opinion here is what you should stop doing” o WORDING IS EVERYTHING - Protection of Title: No other person can state they are Kinesiologists unless they’ve met the conditions of the college o Cannot call yourself a doctor even if you have a PHD - Confidentiality: You cannot discuss patients or release information to “outside world” o Expectations:  Children’s aid in suspected abuse  When called upon by professional regulators o Get only what you need, keep it forever for whatever purpose but must keep it secret - Privacy: Gather minimal information but can use it as needs be - Liability: Immunity for good faith actions o Acting in good faith is a strong defence  Can’t be sued for money unless you showed bad faith/ intentions - Conflict of Interest o Perception is reality: Means if others think there is conflict you need to address it - KIN: Therapeutic and corrective exercise optimization of movement to enhance performance injury Prevention (primary, secondary, tertiary) – Ergonomics and Job Coaching - PT: Modalities, Joint mobilization, Joint and muscle pathologies - Management of a low back injury from motor vehicle accidents o First: MD (physician sees the patient periodically) o PT o OTs o Last to see: KIN - Jurisprudence: the college rules and other legislation that govern the practice of physiotherapy in Ontario - Content Domains: (know for exam)Key areas of jurisprudence that physiotherapists are required to know (11, Must know AT LEAST 3) o Confidentiality and
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