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Lecture 11

Lecture 11-23 Part two

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KIN 155
Fran Allard

Lecture 12~13 – Sensori-Motor Control Von Holst – Comparatory Theory • fly eristalis experiment ◦ theory: voluntary movement prevents reflex ◦ if reflex prevention is correct, then no reflex for vol. mvmt in L-R reversed • he argued that results can be explained by reafference ◦ comparatory theory model Lecture 14~15 – Visual Motor Development Gibson and Walk – the visual cliff • locomotor babies vs. pre-locomotor babies ◦ vision dominates touch Held and Hein – The kitten carousel • active kitten vs passive kitten ◦ active kitten ▪ active movement allows development of touch ▪ normal behavior in tasks: avoiding obstacles; paw extension ◦ passive kitten ▪ no development in touch, only vision ▪ bumps into obstacles; no pass extension • movement and perception educates each other • perception and movement must occur together to establish difference between exafference + reafference Campos et al – more visual cliffs • children showed no fear of depth until experienced with self locomotion • walkers improve pre-locomotor children's avoidance of depth Adolph – visual cliff • tested babies on real cliffs ◦ balance is learned all over again for each posture ◦ control of posture (not depth-perception) learned from self produced movement Lecture 17 – Visual Control ofAction Milner and Goodale • proposed that there are 2 circuits in
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