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Lecture 12

KIN 155 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Superadditivity, Psychophysics, Multisensory Integration

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KIN 155
Michael Barnett- Cowan

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Fleeting sensation of touching two noses rather than one
Spatial layout (more sensation in hands than elbow)
When you start to switch sides, it changes how things are processes
Different body coordinate system
Crossing hands = crossing egotistic reference frame
In somatosensory cortex, representation of the body that is sort of distorted
Can confuse the mind by manipulating the senses
The representation of objects through touch depends on prior expectations
Objects can be represented in both body and world coordinates
The representation of the body depends of prior expectations
Aristotle Illusion: crossing fingers = crossing reference frame for touch
Motor command - spatially aligned - false impression of longer nose
Expectation of where you code where your body is relative to space
Pinocchio Illusion: the principle of spatial and temporal congruence
Multisensory perception - connection between what we see and what we feel
Fundamental change in the brain
Also works with non-hand (ie. A shoe)
Asynchronies breaks the illusion (needs to happen at the same time)
Rubber Hand Illusion: position rubber hand like it's your own (when running both slowly feels like it's
your own) then hits rubber hand with a hammer and subjects get scared
A person can perceive another body as his/her own
ie. Switching of genders
Fleeting sensation that things are not quite right - respond accordingly
Out-of-Body Illusion: seeing yourself from another location (sense that your body isn't yours)
The perception of speech sounds as coming from a direction other than their true direction,
due to the influence of visual stimuli from an apparent speaker.
Thus, when the ventriloquism illusion occurs, the speaker's voice is visually captured at the
location of the dummy's moving mouth (rather than the speaker's carefully unmoving mouth)
Visual capture : visual information dominates over other sensory information (ie. sound)
Ventriloquist Illusion: talking without moving lips (talking from diaphragm)
Auditory sound of BA paired with visual component of GA leads to perception of DA
Mouth movement can influence what we're hearing
Paring of the sound (ba) with visual mouthing of (fa) leads to perception of (fa)
Principle of visual dominance and multisensory integration
McGurk Effect: perceptual phenomenon that demonstrates interaction between hearing and vision in
speech perception.
Fission illusion - two sounds (dominant in temporal) but one flash perceived as two flashes
Fusion illusion - visual stimulus w/o sound - fuse both visual together and perceive as one
Spatially congruent and in a short time (one event) and bind information (integrate together)
Sound-induced Flash Illusion: how sound changes sight
October 27, 2015
2:37 PM
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Spatially congruent and in a short time (one event) and bind information (integrate together)
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