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Lecture 1

KIN 222 Lecture 1: Lecture 1 for students

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University of Waterloo
KIN 222
Ken Stark

1 KIN 222 STATISTICAL TECHNIQUES APPLIED TO KINESIOLOGY MISSION STATEMENT To continue developing intellectual skills and proficiencies in order to: (1) recognize and evaluate different research designs, and (2) make evidencebased decisions from appropriate statistical analyses. COURSE OBJECTIVES By the end of the course, we aim for the student to be able to: 1) recognize the basic elements of a research design in different types of studies. 2) identify the statistical tool that should be applied to answer a stated research question, based upon the design of a study. 3) articulate the differences between descriptive and inferential statistics. 4) generate a frequency distribution (and associated statistics) from sample data, and compute measures of central tendency. 5) calculate correlation coefficients and interpret the results to the posed research question. 6) understand the applicability of the ttest and how to calculate the associated statistics. 7) understand the various types of ANOVA tests, when they are applicable, and how to compute the relevant statistics. INTRODUCTION What is statistics? Shorthand for statistical procedures. Formulas, calculations, equations, etc., to analyze the results of research studies, or other information of interest. Empirical Information is obtained via observation and measurement.... ...... How will we use statistics in KIN 222? Why do I have to take Statistics?
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