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Lecture 15

KIN346 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Glut2, Kidney Disease, Disneymania 2

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Danny M Pinicero

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KIN 346
Human Nutrition
November 07
- A protein that acts as a hormone
- Produced by alpha cells of the pancreas
- Stimulates Glycogenolysis
- Increases the rate of glycolysis
- The breakdown of glycogen → glucose in the liver
- The glucose goes into the CVS
- Physiologically starved state
- Homeostasis
- Stabilize blood glucose levels (increases it)
- Exercise
- This also stimulates glycogenolysis
- Occurs in the muscle and liver
- Also stimulates Gluconeogenesis
- The production of glucose from AA and FA
CHO-related disorders
- Diabetes mellitus
- Hyperglycemia (high levels of blood glucose levels)
- We are talking about fasting level of blood glucose, not right after a meal
- You either:
- Cannot produce insulin (type 1) → less common
- Issue with pancreas
- Cannot use insulin (type 2) → more common
- Issue is cells in the body that cannot recognize insulin
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- 4% of pregnancies result in DM
- Higher among aboriginal women (genetics)
- Majority result after birth
- If you have DM 1, more likely to get DM 2
- Diabetes
- Excessive urination
- Mellitus
- Sugar in urine (glycosuria)
- Diabetes insipidus
- You just urinate a lot, no sugar
- Impaired water re-absorption in kidney (lack of ADH (vasopressin)
- Type 1 DM
- Auto-immune disorder
- Immune system attacks beta cells (they do not regenerate)
- We cannot produce insulin
- Results in hyperglycemia
- You cannot uptake glucose into cells
- Insulin’s job
- Translocation of GLUT4 on membrane of muscle cells, liver cells,
- This gets glucose into the cells
- This is in liver cells
- Need insulin
- Glycogenolysis (regulates blood glucose because it thinks
that there is no glucose in the blood)
- This makes hyperglycemia worst
- Elevated blood glucose level problems
- Renal threshold
- Kidney is suppose to clean out our blood (not filtration
because this is how it carries out function of cleaning out
our blood)
- Filtration
- If it is small enough to move out of CVS, it goes out
- Now is the selective part
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