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Lecture 9

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KIN 427
Stuart Mc Gill

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KIN 427- Lecture 9- Guest Lecture- Feb 5, 2013 Case1: 40 year old female - right side low back pain, started 2 weeks ago and it has been there before, sharp pain with movement with 15-20sec - movement aggravates pain - history is the most important part in diagnosis (95%) * pinched nerves happens very rarely- but it usually happens due to disc bulge to compress the root Physical Examination - observe gait/ posture- watch patients from lobby to the room- watch how they get up and walk - neurological- lower limb sensory - ROM- go to end ranges - orthotic - biomechanical testing - seated compression→ in flexed position if it hurts, it is generally due to posture - Palpation Diagnosis - sacroiliac joint syndrome with associated DSI strain and Gmax- myofasciopathy - secondary to: - mm pattern flaws - compression overload Management of Musculoskeletal conditions - some technique requires skillful history and PE technique - need to have knowledge and integration - have clinical experience - best is to have someone with all the clinical experience and someone who is updated towards all the new equipment Understanding MSK Pain - understand pathoanatomical source of pain (management, expecatations, awareness of red flags) - understand the biomechanical/ functional cause of tissue overload To mobilize or stabilize When to manipulate: -High velocity low amplitude - in research used 11 pre
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