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KIN 456
Eric Roy

KIN456Lecture 2 Neuroanatomy Chapters 3 4 5 10TelencephalonCerebrum contains white and grey matterBasal Ganglia DiencephalonThalamusHypothalamus MesencephalonMetencephalon midbrainTactumTegmentumCerebellum MylencephalonMedulla located in brainstemCerebrumGrey matter cell bodies o Gyri6 layersAfferents in layers IIVEfferents in layers VVI 0 1 fields inputout specificity 0 1 visual and motor areas 0 2 fields integration within a system 0 2 visual and motor areas 0 3 fields integration between systems LONGITUDINAL FISSURESupramarginal gyrusDivides the brain into two halves o Grey Matter Could you live without oneSulci or Fissures partLongitudinal Are they equalRolandic or centralanterior or posteriorSylvian or lateral Lobes demarcated by sulciFrontal o Largest of lobes o Least amount of info about this lobe o Most susceptible lobe for injury in a concussionCan cause very subtle problems called subexecutive or diexecutive syndromeTemporalParietal SYLVIAN FISSUREOccipital Inferior and superior divisionMaps of the CerebrumCytoarchitectonic Brodmanns Areas o Most well knownProjection o Depicts communication between the brain and the spinal cord o More on axons as opposed to cells 1KIN456Lecture 2 Neuroanatomy Chapters 3 4 5 10Functional o Reflects functions of the brain areasCytoarchitectonic Map On the RightAmalgamation between the cytoarchitectonic map and functional mapColours on map reflect cell characteristicsNumerical representation of each of the subareas within the lobes o Link the subareas to functionsGreen Area Area 38 is part of the limbic systemArise from 6 layers in the cerebral cortex o Precentral sulcus areas 0 4primary motor1 field 0 68premotor 2 fieldProvide integration within the motor area 0 9 10 11prefrontal 3 fieldAnterior portion of frontal lobe44Brocas areaBrodmanns AreasPost central sulcus 0o 123somatosensory 1 field 0o 57association 3 fieldPart of the parietal lobeBelow central sulcus below sylvian fissure 00o 411 auditory area 1 field 0o 22Wernickes Area 2 fieldOccipital Lobe 00o 171 visual area 1 fieldDamagecortical blindness 0o 1819visual association 2 fieldPart of ventral streamrecognition Damagecannot make sense of what they seeDamage to arealoficulus dont know spelling leads to difficulty in communication between Brocas and Wernickes area o Expressed as disconnection syndrome where there is difficulty in repeating wordsCerebrum ContdWhite Matter Axons o Transverse Corpus CallosumCommunication between the 2 hemispheres as well as brain and spinal cord o Association Fibers 2
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