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University of Waterloo
Legal Studies
LS 101
Frances Chapman

LS101 – Oct.29 29/10/2007 20:01:00 ← *guest speaker* ← ← - military code of justice (code of civil discipline) ← - is a Crown attorney, but also works in the military (is a defence lawyer for soldiers) ← - only difference between Crown and defense is who pays you ← - barristers/trial lawyers must be able to argue both sides of an argument – pick up a brief and ‘run with it’ ← ← ROLE OF THE CROWN • Only prosecute people charged with criminal offenses • Provincial – therefore, only prosecute people with criminal code offenses (delegated authority by federal gov’t who take care of drug cases, customs, income tax) • Provincial take care of everything from shoplifting to first degree murder • Crown policy manual • Fairness is a big part – to the victim, public and accused (must step away from a case if it is ‘unfair’ – not just about conviction) • Fair, dispassionate, moderate • ‘tunnel vision’ – publicly came from R. v. Miran o
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