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Legal Studies
LS 101
Frances Chapman

20/10/2007 22:25:00 ← ← CONSENSUS (conservative) ← BASIC PRINCIPLES • Unifying set of values • Satisfaction from conforming • Everyone agrees • Law serves all equally • Criminal is improperly socialized ← CRITIQUE • Difficult to define values where all agree • Doesn’t fully explain social order • All do not agree on purpose of legal system (violent vs. non-violent) ← ← PLURALISTIC (liberal) ← BASIC PRINCIPLES • Diverse social groups • Don’t agree on right/wrong, will be conflict • Agreement on dispute resolution • Legal system is value-free • Best interest of society – peaceful resolution ← CRITIQUE • Argues in best interest to conform • Interests are not freely chosen – society imposes goals and interests • Doesn’t fully explain social order ← ← CONFLICT (radical) ← BASIC PRINCIPLES • Diverse groups compete for scarce resources • No agreement on what is right/wrong • Conflict is over political power • Law is for those in power
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