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11A - What is Moral Regulation and what are its effects - defining moral regulation.docx

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University of Waterloo
Legal Studies
LS 101
Susan Brophy

Unit III: Major Debates in Legal Studies Week 11A November 19, 2013 Week 11A: What is Moral Regulation and what are its Effects? Defining Moral Regulation Review  Therapeutic jurisprudence  Community-focused  Triage team  Differences: eligibility and point of intervention  Aims: efficiency and cost-cutting  Limitations: recidivism rates and paternalism Background “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” - Constable Michael Sanguinetti  Slut shaming - example of moralizing discourse  “good girl” and “boys will be boys”  Women’s responsibility not to be harmed  Moralizing discourse impacts regulation: o Changed language from ‘rape’ to ‘sexual assault’ o Attitudes of enforcement officers o Less focus on predatory practices o Onus on victim to prove harm  Focus on process o Moralizing discourse  Identifies a certain behaviour that is immoral or bad  Links the bad act to harm  Then creates the basis for regulation o Moral regulation, therefore, is a process  Moral regulation has a long history  Focus on immoral, often non-violent behaviours  Most detectable when… o Link between harm and need for regulation is not obvious or direct Morality and Harm Moralizing discourse is an exercise of moralization: Unit III: Major Debates in Legal Studies Week 11A November 19, 2013  Is a generalized moral pronouncement  Enforces a standard of behaviour  Objective is to reform bad habits  Recipients of moralization seems to be preachy, judgmental or self-righteous Moralizing discourse  Identifies bad acts  Links these bad acts to harm  There are perceptions of harm o Specific harm o Symbolic harm Example: Prostitution  Specific harm: health of wives (bringing the ‘disease of prostitutes’ back home)  Symbolic harm: women’s purity o Prostitutes – women as a sexual object o Flip side where women must be ‘pure’ o Creates the double standard for women  Bad act (prostitution) + harm (specific and symbolic) = grounds for moral regulation Components of moral regulation  Moralized subject (source)  Moralized object (target)  Moralized practices (regulated acts) Components of Moral Regulation Source Moralized subject as “source”  Tend to be entitled person our group (usually have a perceived access to authority, or moral authority)  Would engage in moralizing pronouncements  Can be anybody or anywhere, i.e. mom, dad, friend, boss, etc. Target Moralized object as “target”  Usually a particular group of people o Examples: immigrants, women, poor  Identified by moralized subject needing Unit III: Major Debates in Legal Studies Week 11A November 19, 2013 o Protection o Reform o Control Purpose Identify and control moralized practices  More than blaming or promoting good acts o Change behaviour at fundamental leve
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