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Legal Studies
LS 101
Susan Brophy

Unit III: Major Debates in Legal Studies Week 11B November 21, 2013 What is “Moral Regulation” and what are its Effects? Intersection of class and gender Circular argument  Examples o People oppose obscenity because they believe obscenity to be immoral … but does this really explain anything?  Requires more analysis o Idea that obscenity is harmful can be explained more effectively o Closer look at the moralized subjects (source)  Question for your consideration: If “bad habits” are merely the symptoms (and not the cause) of deeper social problems, can moral regulation ever be effective? What is the “middle class”? Beisel’s and Wagner’s shared view:  Moral regulation arises from middle class anxiety  Middle class as main agents of moralization However  ‘middle class’ as a category is too broad  Imprecise catch-all o Need to describe it more clearly o Behaviour, salary, etc. 3 segment that make-up the ‘middle class’: 1. Petty bourgeoisie  Distinguished as the not as important people  Self-employed, i.e. farmers, entrepreneurs 2. Careerists  Capitalist corporations, businesses 3. Professionals  Collectively organized occupations  May all be the middle class but can have opposing interests Uni
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