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University of Waterloo
Legal Studies
LS 202
Frances Chapman

LS 102 PARTIES AND INCHOATE OFFENCES FEB 12 Parties to an Offence - “principle” who committed the offence and has actus reus and mens rea, may be more than 1 - “aider” who enabled/allows someone else to commit the criminal - “abettor” who encourages another to commit a crime - “counselor” induces crime as they desire - ^ Dictates what defenses a person can use Everyone is a party to an offence who a) Actually commits it b) Does or omits to do anything for the purpose of aiding any person to commit it c) Abets any person in committing it assisting the principle can be equally as blame worthy Aiding and Abetting - Almost always used together - Distinction  Aiding: helping without encouraging  Abetting: promoting a crime - Communication that would encourage crime, affects principle - Doesn’t need to know all details of crime, just type of crime - Usually one who supplies a weapon, drives getaway car, acts as lookout - Before or during the event of the offence - Helping after makes one an “accessory after the fact” Counseling - Very little interpretation by the courts - Intentionally solicited another person to commit offence, may not be actually commit offence - Helping party to commit offence, leading up to offence - Liable for every offence that the person commits as long as the counselor knew, or should’ve known that other offences could result from their counseling - Less participating, assistance with crime than aiding/abetting - No crime committed?  Guilty of an indictable offence and liable to the same punishment as one who attempts a crime  Liable to same punishment if a summary offence is committed Accessories After the Fact - Knowing tha
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