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Legal Studies
LS 202
Frances Chapman

Restorative Justice Thursday, March 7, 2013 9:59 AM What is Restorative Justice?? o Built on a holistic approach to wrongdoing o The offender must admit their offence and be willing to hear how it affected another o It can involve the family and friends of the offender and the victim o The victim is empowered through-out the process  Not wanting to maybe move on o This leads to the reintegration of the offender o Te restorative process is a powerful way of addressing social, psychological and relational injuries  It views criminal acts more comprehensively  It involves more parties in responding to crime  Finally, it measures success differently  Adversarial system: it is a success when the accused gets punished harshly and put in a jail for a long period of time Why is Restorative Justice?? o There are opportunities to apply restorative justice processes to criminal case o Section 718.2 of the Criminal Code states that all methods of disciple should be considered for offenders  Police and other justice workers can use this system if they think it is best for the offender Basic Factors of Restorative Justice o The offence is viewed as affecting a relationship and the community o Punishment along is not effective in changing behaviour and accountability is established by repairing harm o Build offender skills (ie. Emotional intelligence) o Victims are central in the process and community members can be actively involved  There is a lot more support for victims by family, friends etc. Elements of Restorative Justice o Accountability o Community protection (feelin
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