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Lecture 1

LS 300 Lecture 1: Lec. 1 - Introduction

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Legal Studies
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LS 300
Rashmee Singh

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Lecture One: Sociology of Law What do you think sociology of law is? - The purpose of law in our society - How laws effect people on micro and macro levels interpersonal vs societal structure Why study law from sociological perspective? - Intertwined in theories of sociology - Study law as a social phenomenon Critical Legal Studies - Understanding the effects of using law as an instrument of social justice and a remedy for social problem COURSE FOCUS - Critically examining the idea that the law has a monopoly on truth ultimate truth finder when involved in a trial you are trying to find the truth between two stories guilt and innocence law will automatically defer to it which is why we associate it with truth - Science and law go to experts to learn what is truthful try to unpack this and create fundamental ideas about the law - Not a black letter law course (you wont learn about this stuff in law school) - not going to be learning specific laws going to be theoretical course What are some of the terms and concepts we associate with law? - Due process - Social order maintain order especially criminal law - Corruption, inequality many dont believe the system is just - Enforcement - Rights - Justice - Equality - Social control/repression - Objectivity - Rules Law and Liberalism: Legal Principles - When we talk about law, we are not just talking about legal rules. Rather, we are concerned with principles and concepts What does it mean to live in a liberal democracy? - Freedom., rights, equality - The charter of rights and freedoms Western liberal democracies - Modern, humane, civilized, progressive, enlightened, advanced Questioning the Majestic Presence of Law: The wizard of Oz: pay no attention to the man behind the curtain - Wizard = law intimidation of the law, but once you reveal the truth of the law it is not as intimidating - Example is bowing to the judge is majestic - Broken promises people have faith in the law that they would solve the problem and have a solution Questioning the Promise of Law: Social Justice - The distinction between formal equality and substantive equality - What is so wrong with rights? Has our assumption that rights are the solution made problems like racism, sexism and classism worse? reliance on law has made things worse - Can rights even begin to solve problems related to historical structural, and systemi
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