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LS202 Lecture Notes - Public Law, Moral Panic, Private Law

Legal Studies
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Frances Chapman

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January 10, 2013
Supernatural Theories of Crime and Criminality
P.19 Textbook Case on women
R. v. Drummond pallet gun into vagina
2 days later Jonathan was born
Brain scan reveal metal pellet
Criminal Law v. Civil Law
“Case-based” philosophy of law
Private law Civil
Public law Criminal
Common law is case law, linking back to past cases
If you won in criminal court you have a better chance of winning a civil suit
Vagabond unemployed and idol
18th century
o 1) Exorcism
o 2) Punishment and death used to destroy the devil
Witches 1400-1700 BC killed many
o Witchcraft was one of the most common crimes in Europe in the 17th
o Moral panic tend to make you worry about something more than
you should (terrorist attacks, natural disasters, disease, end of the
Canon law used in many European courts (church laws) required two
eyewitnesses or a confession
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