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MATH 135 Algebra Notes II (Sept 16 - Sept 20 ): Quantifiers/Nested Quantifiers, Methods of Proofs

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University of Waterloo
MATH 135
Wentang Kuo

MATH 135: Algebra for Honours Mathematics Notes II Michael Brock Li Computational Mathematics IA September MXIII Concordia Cum Veritate I: Quanti▯ers/Nested Quanti▯ers Objective: Learn the basic structure of quanti▯ers, and how to use Object, Construct, Select Methods. Basics Existential Quanti▯er: There is, there are, there exists, it has, et cetera. Universial Quanti▯er: For all, for each, for every, for any, et cetera. The word existence is to emphasize that we are looking for a particular math- ematical object. The word universal is to emphasize that we are looking for a set of mathematical objects. Example I: There exists an x in the set T such that F(x) is false. For every x in the set R, G(x) is false. In general, mathematicians prefer symbols rather than writing out existence and universal. Thus, the symbol 9 stands for "there exists." The symbol 8 stands for "for every." Example II: 9 x 2 T;F(x) 8 x 2 R;G(x) Important Side Note: {A quanti▯er can be either existential or universal {A variable can be any mathematical interpretation {A set contains the domain of the variable 1 {An open sentence that is involved with the variable Example I: There exists an integer c so that n = cm Solution: Quanti▯er: 9 Variable: c Domain: R Open sentence: n = cm Example II: 8 x 2 R; 9 y 2 R; y ▯ x True Proof: Let x 2 R. Choose y = x ▯ 1. Then y = x ▯ 1 ▯ x. Thus, the statement is true. The order of the quanti▯ers in a nested quanti▯er statement matters. Here the nested quanti▯er statement means in a statement, we have more than one quanti▯er. Example III: 9 y 2 N; 8 x 2 N; y ▯ x On the side note, N is the set of all natural numbers where x 2 Z x > 0 Proof: Let y = 1. Then every natural number x is greater or equal to y = 1. Thus x ▯ y = 1. Contradiction: To prove the statement P is true, it is the same to prove :P is false. Similarly, to prove P is false, it is the same to prove :P is true. Example IV: 9 y 2 R; 8 x 2 R; y ▯ x The prove for the above statement is false. We use the method called proof by contradiction. Assume that statement is true. However, we can choose x = y ▯ 1 < y 2 II: Methods of Proofs Counter-examples: Generally, if we wish to prove that a universal quanti▯er statement A is false, we show that its negation, which is an existential quanti▯er, is true. Remark: :(:A) ▯ A :(
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