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Lecture 4

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Management Sciences
MSCI 411
Shannon Hartling

ARBUS204Lecture 4 Wed May 14culture any group of people who see themselves as a separate group who shares values expectations ways of seeing the world It can also be defined as a group of people who sees themselves as separate from cultures In order for it to exist we need to see that there are those who are not the same recognize when we are complicating notions of culture as with notion of self they are negotiated amongst individuals There are very few clear defining boundaries between cultural groups Intersectionality We intersect our many cultural identities How these discrete groups shape our identities Some of our cultural groups may not be that clear How long did it take you to consider yourself a university student The day that you were accepted The day you showed up on campus During frosh week When approached by other university studentsOur larger social historical context is a part of culture Language is a large part of what situates us in a culture Through a language we createmaintain a social identity Language itself can shape expectations of behaviour Linguistic relativismlanguage affecting worldview ie titles out of respect for elders in family Social constructionthat the self is both individual and social We have selves because we have a theory of ourse
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