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Lecture 3

MSCI211 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Cognitive Dissonance, Absenteeism

Management Sciences
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Shahed Alam

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Module 3 Individual: Values, Attitudes, and Their Effects
Attitudes have three components: cognition, affect, and behavior.
The statement My pay is low is the cognitive component of an attitude— a
description of or belief in the way things are.
Affect is the emotional or feeling segment of an attitude and is reflected in the
statement I am angry over how little I’m paid.
The behavioral component of an attitude describes an intention to behave in a
certain way toward someone or somethingto continue the example, I’m going to
look for another job that pays better.
Cognitive dissonance: any incompatibility an individual might perceive between two
or more attitudes or between behavior and attitudes.
What Are the Major Job Attitudes?
Job Satisfaction: describes a positive feeling about a job, resulting from an
evaluation of its characteristics.
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