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Lecture 1

MSCI211 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Organizational Commitment, Msci, Electronic Body Music

Management Sciences
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Clifford Blake

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MSCI 211: Lecture 1/2
Chapter 1: What is Organizational Behavior?
Not just a matter of organization but interpersonal relationships/skills
Any time interpersonal skills come into play (anyone meets)
Building blocks of organizations:
oScientific research methods: sociology, psychology
Make a difference in the workplace and as an individual
Is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups and structure have
on behavior within organizations
Aim is to apply such knowledge towards improving organizational effectiveness
If we understand the impact of individual groups and structures on behavior then we can
make the organization more effective – can make assumptions/ predictions on how
people will behave if we implement certain rules and regulations
With OB people come together and share experiences, work on goals or meet to solve
Important on interpersonal skills:
oRecognition of the importance of developing such skills is closely tied to the need
for organizations to get and keep high performing employees
oIncrease own performance to give yourself feedback because people do not
volunteer to give feedback
oCreating a pleasant workplace makes good economic sense; otherwise
misunderstandings form
An organization is a consciously coordinated social unit:
oComposed of a group of people
oFunctioning on a relatively continuous basis
oTo achieve a common goal or set of goals
Building blocks:
oSocial Psychology
oPolitical Science
oWe draw from these areas and put it in OB
oLooks at consistencies
What is common about behavior, and it helps predictability?
Are differences amoung individuals; people do not act alike
Makes IF-THEN situation complex because behavior is not expected
However, there are certain fundamental consistencies underlying the
behaviour of all individuals
oLooks beyond common sense
Is common sense involved but we need to look beyond it because there are
surprises in scientific research which may seem like CS but may not be
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