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Music 140 - Nov 12 - Soul to Funk

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University of Waterloo
Simon Wood

November 12, 2013 Music 140 Music 140 Lecture 10 · The Beatles / The Rolling Stones o The Beatles show product/object orientation, like western culture music · Beatles could not achieve what they wanted live, ended up settling in the studio o The Rolling Stones are process oriented, focus on the moment, like used to be defined by African culture o The lines aren't really divided by race any more · Other important bands o The Yardbirds (Blues Influence) · Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page all members at different points · The New Yardbirds (Page and others, becomes Led Zeppelin) o The Who (The Mods / Art influence) · Pete Townsend · My Generation (1965) · The Mods - Modernists, image as trendy and fashionable, thin, lots of dancing, amphetamines to keep them going, a side effect was stuttering, reference to it in My Generation by stuttering · Art stuff, smashing guitar arguably symbolic of sanctifying the performance and the experience Soul to Funk · Development connected to the Civil Rights movement and the development of Africa-American identity · Late 1950s, growing anticipation of civil rights · Rejection of blues as the sound of the past, rural south, slavery · New sounds of urban - Soul Music · Fusion of: o 1/ Vocal Style from Gospel o 2/ Rhythm and back beat of R&B o 3/ Arrangements and lyric styles from TPA · Important locations for soul music o 1/ Motown - Detroit o 2/ Stax - Memphis o 3/ Fame - Muscle shoal
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