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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 of 12 - PostSlavery_CountryBlues_EndOfAfricanAmericans_HistroyOfEuropeans_MinstrelShow_ParlorMusic_TPA.pdf

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Simon Wood

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Post  Slavery  (1865-­‐?)   -­‐ Share  cropping   o When  former  slave  owner  hired  former  slaves   -­‐ Jim  Crow  laws   o “White  people  only”   o Black  person  must  step  off  sidewalk   o Bow  and  tip  hat  if  white  woman  would  walk  on  sidewalk   § 14yrs  old  black  person  went  to  jail  and  then  was  murdered  by   a  mob  of  whites  since  he  didn’t  go  to  the  side  of  the  sidewalk   -­‐ New  forms  of  music  appear  during  late  1800s   o Ragtime   o Jazz   o Blues   -­‐ Not  until  1880s-­‐1890s  does  new  culture  appear  (TED  principle)   o TED  –  Technology,  Economics,  Demographics   § Significant  shift  in  1+  of  these   § TED  factors  win  a  given  culture,  that  culture  will  begin  to  form   new  culture   o Took  15-­‐25yrs  before  shift  happens  because  the  new  generation  has  a   new  mindset     Country  (Rural)  Blues   -­‐ Wandering  musician   -­‐ Male  vocalist  with  acoustic  guitar   o Except  a  few  (e.g.  Memphis  Minnie)   -­‐ Blues  are  a  music  form  (most  prescribed)  and  musical  aesthetic   o Aesthetic  characteristics:   § Plaintive  vocal  sound  –  lament   § Airing  on  problems/concerns   § Life  throwing  curve  balls  and  things  can  be  better   § Slow-­‐medium  tempo   § Themes  include:  travel,  economics  and  love   o Musical  form  characteristics:   § 12  measure  phases  (12  bars  long)   § 4  beats/bar   § a-­‐a-­‐b  lyric  pattern   • Follows  the  work  song  a-­‐a-­‐b  lyric  pattern   § Call  and  response  between  guitar  and  vocal   § Associative  coherence   § “Floating  pool  of  verse”     SONG  “Stormy  Monday”  blues   -­‐ “Eagle  flies  on  Friday”  –  eagle  represents  money  (i.e.  gets  paid)   -­‐ “Saturday  goes  out  to  play”  –  Saturday  go  and  blow  all  money  away   -­‐ “Sunday  gets  on  my  knees  and  pray”  –  realize  nothing  left   -­‐ Communal,  not  owner/composer   Bars   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   Chords   I         IV     I     V   IV   I     Lyrics   a         a         b           Note:  empty  boxes  above  represent  solo  lines     1877  –  recording  technology  has  been  introduced     Late  1800s  –  early  1900s  (nearly  25  years  later)     Blind  Willie  McTell     SONG  -­‐  Blind  Willie  McTell  –  Travelin’  Blues  (1927)   -­‐ One  of  the  first  recordings  of  blues   -­‐ Travel  and  economics   -­‐ Uneven  bar  counts  –  why?   o Solo  musician   § He  can  do  what  he  wants   o Lack  of  self-­‐consciousness   -­‐ Accent  and  nasal  sound  of  voice   -­‐ “Folk”  music   -­‐ Each  4  measure  section  is  only  3½  measures  long     Robert  Johnson  (1911-­‐1938)   -­‐ Most  famous  blues  musician   -­‐ Professional   o Make  his  living   o Distinguish  himself   o Self-­‐conscious     -­‐ 27yrs  old  when  died   -­‐ “Guitar  Hero”   o Pushed  what  was  possible  before  them   -­‐ Disappearance  for  18  months   -­‐ Murdered  (poisoned)   -­‐ Defined  standards  for  blues  guitar     SONG  –  Sweet  Home  Chicago  –  Robert  Johnson  (November,  1936)     Intro   Verse  1   Verse  2   Verse  3   Verse  4   Verse  5   Verse  6   Outro  
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