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GilgameshA intro to gilgamesh

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Robert Kerr

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Feb 14
Lugalbanda – king before the king before gilgamesh (he claimed descent from him)
Lilly(Lillith) – female devil in bible
lillu – someone with demonic attributes
Uruk – Kullab (sub division)
determinative sign for god >>P
Inanna – god of city in question
2100 BCE (URIII)
can compare Gilgamesh to modern literature such as King Arthur
very short/ in Sumerian
genre not attested in Egypt boastful/contest literature (fables)
king called Shulgi (ruled 2nd half of 2100 BCE) he enjoyed these stories, also tried to
concoct a lineage to Gilgamesh
wrote many hymns, golden period of Sumerian literature
1) historical gilgames?
2) sumerican Gilgamesh tales
Huwawa – guardian of pine forest, in zargos mountains in Iran
S. Mesopotamia didn’t have any wood, could be basis of this tale
later versions have it as Lebanon
Sargon ca. 2300 BCE went to Lebanon
theme was taken from 1 sumerian short stories – Eternal Life
intertextuality – underlying theme or motif that is borrowed by another text
Flood story – Gilgamesh, Atrahesis, Bible
1850’s – cuneiform discovered/darwin’s evolution of species
Bahrein – recent excavations show emense amount of graves
no mountains in Mesopotamia – not mentioned in story
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