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Intro to Mesopotamian Literature 1 short introduction and some background to Mesopotamian literature

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Robert Kerr

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Mythos – word, speech, message, later – entertain, not nessecarily true story
most of the greek myths revolve around mycinian sites – bronze age
romans translated it as fabula – Fable
walker burker – traditional tale, secondary partial reference to something important
help us understand the world around us
Egypt – product of ‘oral’ society
lyrics -> prose
truth -> story
legends/folktales = myths (senhue, royal propaganda)
royal propaganda considered a myth – myth is the story of how something supposedly
happened, didn’t nessecarily happen this way
in ancient world can’t draw distinction between legends/myths/folktales
What is religion? – Rudolph Otto : Das Heilige (called religion Numinous – awe-
inspiring and mysterious, said to experience the presence of the super natural or divine)
always based on environment in which they originated from
religious metaphor based on where/when written
myth can change with time
events in nature that repeat themselves
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