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EXAM: Monday April 9, 2012 9:00-11:30 AM CGUC 1302
Tell me more about the article you read about foods that last a long time (non-perishable) 5 yr
pie loaf, vacuum seal tuna,
Class 1 Notes
Opens with words from John “You brood of vipers...” preparing the way of Jesus. Matthew 3
How do you feel?
Christian Peacemakers may say “Christian Peacemaking is....” and then gives the answer. An to
that answer they live their whole life and try to convince others of that answer as well that their
understanding is the correct one. What if Christian faith and Christian Peacemaking can be
defined just a simply (as C is for Cookie) but in a completely different way?
Today, January 5:
Epiphany holiday today for the Christian calendar, the twelfth night after Christmas.
Connection with the John the Baptist thing is for him the 12th night after Christmas is the
Feast of Theophany: celebrates the baptism of Jesus (orthodox church).
January 5, 1527: Felix Mons was the first martyr of the Radical Reformation (he was
drowned in Zurich in the Lemont River).
Asymptote A line on a graph that can be infinitely
approached but never reached. You can draw closer and
closer to it but will never be able to cross it or intersect
with it. In the following image the horizontal black line is
the asymptote. Definition of asymptote: a line which a
given curve gets closer and closer to, but never touches, as
it gets further from the origin
David Barash A piece is never fully achieved, it can only be approached. Peace is an
asymptote: we approach it very closely but it continues to elude us, just beyond our grasp yet so
far away.
Drew Christiansen talks about peace as a convoy concept. There is not one definition for peace;
it’s a convoy of concepts that brings all sorts of concepts together.
Orthopraxis Right thought right action. It refers to action preceding thought or at least
informing through in a practical way.
Conventional approach is that you think or theologize and then you act so that your
action is congruent with your theology or philosophy. How to live out what you believe
in a right way that is consistent with what you believe in and what Jesus would think.
o Orthodoxy: traditional, conservative, literally means right or current thinking
o Praxis: practice, doing,
o Christian peacemakers are doing the ortho and praxis aspect of orthopraxis
because they go hand in hand: the though and the action.
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