Class 2 Notes
Today is the recognition or feast day of Saint Tatiana patron saint of students. She was
beheaded January 12th in the third century after Christ.
Jesus man, Lamb/slaughtered Lamb, Saviour, Lord. What if He is the most perfect, elegant,
mouth-watering pie ever existing. He is the pie to which we are all invited to share in.
Peace of pie, piece of pie. If Christ is pie what does it mean for Christian peacemakers to try to
describe others of the slice of pie that they’ve received and it’s worth eating. How would you
convince them that it’s so satisfying.
Definitions of Peace
Freedom from disturbance
Quiet and tranquility
A normal, non-warring condition between nations
A state of harmony
The presence of respect, understanding, unity, prosperity, etc.
Definitions of Christian
Of or related to Christianity
A person who has received Christian baptism
o Someone who hasn’t received baptism but believes in Jesus Christ
Derived from the Greek word Christ which is a translation from a Hebrew word, meaning
Messiah (one who saves, one who redeems)
Throwing mini soccer ball around the classroom, students describe what it does to the people in
the classroom and describe the balls motion. Point: brings several things together.
Radical Trajectory:
Radical Latin origin, Radicalus which means root. Radical could mean extreme, crazy,
challenging, passionate, etc.
The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. Martin Luther King,
Jr. It’s long but it’s heading towards somewhere toward justice.
Trajectory human history is understood and defined by our experiences. We see things
based on our experience.
Christian peacemaking is seeing history in a new way then how it’s often seen
A Christian Story in Ten points:
1. God creates the world (He creates it whole, perfect, shalom, peace). God is love.
a. God creates people
b. He invites the people to live according to his love and peace
2. People sin and turn away from God
3. God invites people back
4. People continue to sin and start adopting some distinctive patterns of violence,
domination, power, suffering, etc.; always wanting to do things their own way.
5. God responds by sending prophets/messengers to remind people of who God is and what
He has done. They are trying to redirect the people back to being faithful again.
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