Class 7 Notes
Lydia Wylie-Kellermann
Movie notes: Conviction
Sister Ardeth Platte, Jackie Hudson, and Carol Gilbert
live the gospel and are advocates for non-violence; they have been arrested for it.
Sacred Earth and Space: Plowshares II activists
o People involved in an action go to a military facility with
o Hammer the tracks and the missile silo lid so that if the weapons are used they are
not used in their name
o Poured out their blood from baby bottles onto the silos (because children have the
least to say about what goes on)
Jesus gave his life with blood
They would rather give their life than have blood shed in their name
They pray and say liturgy as they do this
God, teach us how to be peacemakers in a hostile world
Nuns: went to N-8 minute man (a missile base) and cut the chain of the gate. They did
this to inspect, expose, and symbolically disarm the weapons of mass destruction.
Nuclear weapons
Minutes men 3 a war head, trigger ready
They never used the term successful (that‟s for the cultures, the businesses, etc.). They
speak in terms of “were we faithful?”
Will we are will we not destroy God‟s creation
War, killings - they are immoral acts
Jonah House international peace house
Charged with obstruct of national defense (21.55) and sabotage (105)
o They damaged the parameter fence, took it off and laid it on the ground
Vandalism of government property
10 year for sabotage and 20 years for obstruction of national defense
o National defense of the U.S. is to have nuclear weapons because other countries
have nuclear weapons
o Result sentenced to federal courting: Ardeth - 41 months in federal prison,
Jackie 30 months in federal prison, Carol 33 months in federal
Their intention was to stop the crime of the U.S. government of using this weapon of
mass destruction (disarm American‟s nuclear capacity)
o They say it was not to injure the national defense
By treaty the nuclear weapons have no right to exist (the treaties that the U.S. have
Ted Haggard
Strongly disagreeing with the nuns
You need a military to protect freedom; it does take force to protect peace. He says the
nuns do not understand this
The U.S. has many nuclear weapons; many more than people would think
o At least 5,300 nuclear warheads
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NORAD an institution in the U.S. that watches the earth all the time to make sure there
isn‟t a launch or attack being brought against it
American has a war machine and it has power, and it uses that power
The reason the nuns broke the law was the get attention
Others agree with the nuns and say they are good moral models and that their actions do not
deserve jail.
Class response to the movie:
Do you think people get caught up with peacemaking more than they do the Great Commission
or do you think those two things are tied together?
Lydia‟s theology: if they don‟t believe in Jesus that‟s okay, whatever keeps the alive and
nourished... I can‟t fathom that God would be exclusive and only accept some people but not
Bible interpretation
Vocation calling
Blood meaning
o Within a Christian view, what is the meaning or significance of blood
Liturgy action
Peacemaking disarmament
o Looking at peacemaking through a specific lens of disarmament
Obedience loyalty
o What role does obedience or disobedience look like; if you are obedient to one
thing and not another. What does that mean about your loyalty to those things?
Examples of how Christians pursue economic justice
Spiritual formation
o Joyce Holiday quote. Isaiah 58 if you are going to worship and be spiritual, do
not be phony about it. Instead do justice work like welcoming people into your
home and then your own inner light will shine out into the darkness
See quote on learn site. Something about the pleas of people looking for
something new and the pleas of poor people looking for retribution are the
same pleas.
Lifestyle choices
o Buying free trade coffee because of their convictions on economic justice
o Voluntary simplicity voluntarily living simply with their clothes, home, food...
o Living among people who are in poverty, advocating for them, speaking to them
Intentional communities
o Living in Christian communities to empower each other to do justice
o Relief and disaster work
Community development
o Economic community development
o Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) a Christian
understanding of economic justice is to provide a catalyst for people in a
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