Class 8
―Fish swim in water, Birds fly in air, God moves in love.‖ - Author unknown
Carol Pin article online What is solidarity work? What does it mean to accompany people?
The North Star the North Star is an external reality that we aim toward but it‘s completely
unattainable, yet we use it as a guide. Are we looking at some kind of vision that Christians have
that is fundamentally and eternally unattainable and yet we use that vision (or star) to do
Christian peacemaking. If this star is unattainable, is that okay and can that fell alright or is it
Pascal quote: what else does this craving proclaim but that there was once a true happiness in
people of which now remains empty as they seek things that are not there and that they cannot
find. In this emptiness, all that remains is an empty hole that we long to fill. This infinite abyss
can only be filled by an infinite object God himself.
The professors substituted ‗God‘ for ‗pie‘
Are there ever bad/rotten pies that we experience
We hunger for a vision, a pie, and finally eat it but it is rotten and does not contribute to
our health?
He says again, do you believe in pie? Gives us an empty pie plate as a reminder of the
pie. Like the pie plates we have worship songs, sermons, the Bible, prayer, the Lord‘s
supper, etc. as a reminder of who God is.
Theme for tonight: connecting the love theme from last week and the reconciliation theme from
this week.
Given a paper asked to write: My enemy __________ is someone who ___________ on one
side and verbs that describe love in action on the other. Then we were asked to tape it in a loop
with one side flipped so that if you follow the lines/words it is continual and goes from the
enemy side to the loving side. Enemies What to do with them? What are Christians suppose to
do with them?
Love is a very compelling way for Christians to fill in the blank with
The Bible and Nonviolence handout
Psalm 130:7- Love and power come together, they are linked.
Isaiah 42:1-9 servant-King figure who will bring forth justice
o Redeeming work through servant hood and humbleness
Christians take Jewish Scripture and apply/interpret then from Christian perspectives
2 Timothy 1:3 and on God blesses people with a Spirit of love and power and self-
o Can non-violence be a proactive force and not just a passivity
o The foundational role of mothers is not just the physical mothers of faith but
spiritual mothers as well.
Ephesians 3: 16 and on love and power are brought together. Blessed with knowledge
of God‘s love and filled with power and the fullness of God which is beyond/surpasses all
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