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Class 9: Love of enemy
Jesus’ way of love is the first way, the original and foundational way of love. Jesus’ love…
Fills people with courage, especially the spineless
Transforms violence. It doesn’t flee from violence or squelch violence but rather
transforms it.
Prevents violence. Peace building it prevents building of peace, it doesn’t wait for crisis
to arrive but does work to build peace.
Embodies power/force.
Conveys a sense of mystery and awe.
Protects/humanizes the other
Suffers rather than inflicts suffering
Reveals the truth
Orthopraxis a discipleship; trying to walk the way of Jesus; what does it mean to live out
Jesus’ way of love?
Fish bowl discussion
o Love of enemy, although exciting for Christians, does not make a good axiom.
o It is achievable for Christians but not for non-Christians?
Issue: Relationship between Christian worship and peacemaking
Started with a quote: “To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against
the disorder of the world” – Karl Barth
He disagrees with this by asking a question.
Question regarding Chronology: what is the beginning in Karl Barth’s quote? What’s the
beginning point of this uprising? Look at scripture and the creation story; creation is the
taming of chaos. Creation is the beginning
o Prayer and worship are not the beginning of an uprising against the world because
God began that uprising in the beginning when he created the world. Prayer and
worship are a continuation of the uprising.
o The cross: Jesus was the one who won victory over violence and strife in the
world. In light of the cross, Jesus was victorious over the powers of evil and thus
Karl is wrong.
Question regarding Instrumental/Causal: How can we say that Christians prayer is
instrumental or causal to the beginning of uprising against the world. Is there a causal
relationship between worship and peacemaking: does worship cause peacemaking?
o Missional theology.
o No, it is not a simple causal relationship because it is God who is
Links the quote to Mr. Wylie Kellermanns book/quote:
o Beast violence, injustice, evil, deception.
God love, nonviolence, redemption, salvation.
Worship of or allegiance to God or the beast is to give allegiance to or
worship these things.
Worship addresses history. It helps to give a foothold to the reign of God.
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