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Class 5 Notes
1. Most of the internal organs in a python expand by 40% within 24 hours of eating.
They eat once every few months
a. Why is this fascinating?
2. The wingspan of an eagle is six feet when the eagle is flying away from the sun but
three feet when flying toward the sun.
a. Why is this? Because it uses one wing to cover his eyes (joke)
i. Why is this funny?
3. Oscar Romero’s speech, 1980’s
a. Roy Bourgeo’s broadcasting the words of Oscar Romero
i. Inspiring?
Why these three together?
Prime ourselves to understand why something is what it is. Generate wonder.
Being critical of reactions, what generates this response?
For class, to what extent does one need o be Christian to find this inspiring?
On the Exam Study Sheet
Middle Axiom
Example of middle axioms (between Christians and non-Christians)
Genesis 1: dismantling chaos
Exodus: dismantling slavery
Jeremiah 31: dismantling covenant, new covenant written on the heart
Galatians 3: dismantling old law, the division between Jews and Greeks, slaves and free, male
and female
Ephesians 2
Revelation 21-22: dismantling of barrier between God and people! Heaven and earth combined
Christian peacemakers, in part, are dismantling their own church traditions, dismantling anything
that promotes hate.
“The masters tools will never dismantle the masters house” – Andre Lourde (feminist)
- Does the house of sexism need to be dismantled with tools of sexism?
- In order to dismantle hateful Christian behaviour, do we need to use Christian tools?
Video: Prince of Peace, God of War
Christian support of Iraqi war... Would Jesus drop a bomb? Fire a gun?
What would Jesus do?
Just war: love the neighbour, defend the weak
Church and state for so many centuries wars
Allowing and watching others kill the weak? Redemptive violence?
Stopping the spread of evil, even at the cost of a human live?
Problem: embracing “crusade” model. Disturbing.
Early church: believed in NO violence
Christians were not supposed to take part in the military
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