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Week 6: Personal Journeys through Culture: “There” and Back Again
Analyzing What is at Stake: Conflict Issues and Messages
Instrumental concrete wants/demands of each party
Relational quality of interaction between parties
o Relationships and money. Some cultures put the relationship before business
while others but business first
Identity underlying concerns and meanings related to each side’s sense of self and
image of the other
o Who am I and who are you? What’s your story and what is mine? How do we
each influence the universe? How do we communicate respect for the other?
Face “a projected image of one’s self in relational context” (Augsburger, page 85)
o Some cultures portray more through about face and the need to communicate
respect and status in relationships
Collectivistic cultures: importance of avoiding direct confrontation
Conflict-Management and Third-Party Intervention
High Context Cultures
o Self-assertiveness problematic
o More conscious of face issues
o Routine use of informal, third-party go-betweens
o Mediators may be knowledgeable insiders
Low Context Cultures
o Self-assertiveness valued
o Less conscious of face issues
o Not unusual to confront issues person-to-person
o Mediators expected to be outside professionals
Sulh a more collectivist culture. When one person from one community group hurts
someone from the other community group it is more than just a personal hurt. Families
look out for their own and an offence to one family results in retaliation from the other.
Localizing Peace we need to think about what is universal about conflict management
but what also is cultural
Journeys through Culture
All cross-cultural exploration begins with the experience of being lost- Guy Olivier Faure
Culture Shock
Anxiety and discomfort associated with experiences of a new and different culture
o Can be painful and disorienting: Lack of control, helplessness, depression
Potential growth
1 Loss of cues or reinforces
o Immersion in a new world of images, symbols, codes and meanings
o Familiar, reassuring signposts no longer present
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