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Week 10-Approaches to Nonviolent Action.pdf

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Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 201
Nathan Funk

Week 10Approaches to Nonviolent Action10a Nonviolence as a Political Strategyslideleft wants changeright is opposedlarge mass luke warm or not tuned inpassive may be friendly or nottry to change the decision making of other key groupings in societytrying to drive a wedge between the opponent and the neutrals and win over as many of the neutrals as you canmaybe even create conflict within the opponent camphow does this happenMECHANISMS OF CHANGEConversionc h a n g i n g t h e i r m i n d s changing the way they think and feel about an issuei f t h e a d v e r s a r y h a s a c h a n g e o f h e a r t o r m i n d a n d b e c o m e s c o n v i n c e d t h a t the activist schools are correct and we are supporting we can say theyveb e e n c o n v e r t e da s m a j o r o b j e c t i v e PROhard to imagine major social change in a lot of conflicts without a lotof people within society changing how they think and feel about an issueieU S C i v i l R i g h t s need to think how does our message reach people how do they hear itencounter it a s m a j o r o b j e c t i v eC O Nw h a ts t h e l i m i t w i l l a l w a y s b e s o m e o n e w h o i s r e s i s t a n tAccomodation opponents making concessionspartial or complete not because they want to or because they have to but because they thinkthe best costbenefit equation is in their favourNonviolent coercion activists create sufficient pressure to frustrate their adversaries will the adversary must bend even if they do not wish tosaying uncleDisintegration the power base of the adversary crumbling in an irreparable way4 types of victoriessometimes used in combinationSOME PROPOSED CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS1
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