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What is conflict

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University of Waterloo
Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 202
Betty Pries

PACS 202 Definitions and Terms Reflecting on this story, what does it tell you about the nature of conflict? Taking responsibility can help mitigate and decrease the conflict. The moment of fear at that moment can escalate the conflict. Talking to people as an equal gives back some humanity to them; want to re-dignify one another. Class Norms What you would want to see as the class norms for PACS 202 for the fall?  Healthy respect for diversity of opinions  Listen when other speaks  Confidentiality  Hear someone fully before responding  Turn phones off  Media for class only Sometimes, when we have a strong feeling of powerful experience with conflict, it becomes the source of locking themselves onto one solution. We need to learn to open ourselves to multiple options; there isn’t just one way for a conflict to be solved Conflict story: Esther and Binah are colleagues at the ABC hospital. Binah was recently named by her supervisor as the coordinator of her unit. Fundamental Principles of Course  The only person you can change is yourself o You have more influence on the other person when you focus on self rather than the other  Your power to influence a situation positively is likely greater than you think o There are always options to deal with situations  “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” Victor Frankl o people who found meaning for life, they lived  conflict is normal o can be positive, even life giving o relationships without conflict can be an indicator of ill-health  Healthy conflict resolution depends as much on your spirit as on your skill o If your spirit is healthy, it will help; unhealthy spirit will leak out through your pores  Each person has a mountain they are climbing – we do well to be gracious with each person we meet  There are situations where walking away is the best option o Occur less frequently than most of us would believe  Situations where allowing conflict to escalate is best option o Situations also do not occur frequently  Determining best option for intervention takes considerable reflection and discernment Common Myths of conflict  Harmony is normal and conflict is abnormal  Conflicts and disagreements
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