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University of Waterloo
Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 202
Betty Pries

Lecture 1 - Introduction to Conflict Tuesday, September 10, 2013 7:37 PM Name : Arwa Naalwala UW Binah and Esther Example - Esther was dealing with Intrapersonal conflict that had nothing to do with her team - The best outcomefor them was to end the relationship Fundamental Principlesof Course - The more you focus on changing someoneelse, the more they resist ○ The only person you can change is yourself ○ Acting differently in each situation - John and Jack example : ○ John told Jack to stop behaving in such and such manner  Jack stopped  Jack didn’t stop behaving in that manner when John was acting with grace □ Moral : Peopleneed boundaries set for them they can't do it for themselves. - Victor Frank : Book - "Man's search for meaning" ○ Those who died in the holocaust were not chosen at random. ○ The ones who were had a sense of meaning and purpose, lived longer. - Conflict = normal ○ Sometimesthe absence of conflict is a bad sign ○ Means people are not being honest with each other ○ When we are in a place of disagreement with each other, we can come up with better ideas and reach the best outcome  Ex : Company A takes over CompanyB ( the employeesagreed to the owner all the time) □ Company B never invented anything new ○ Spirit & Skill  The spirit you are walking into a conversationwith □ I am right and he is wrong vs. Curiosity
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