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Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 202
Brent Needham

What is forgiveness?  Take responsibility  Letting go of resentment  Have some kind of reconciliation  Intentional, without gain  Voluntary  Separating person from action The “Sunflower”  Assumptions re: definition Forgiveness is not:  Accepting or tolerating injustice  Forgetting (except when it is) o  Just forgoing anger o Forgiveness is:  Deciding you will not allow the action of the other control you- letting go of the pain and hurt  Regarding the other person with compassion. Seeing the other as a complex person who is capable of both good and bad. Wishing the other person well.  Letting go of resentment, bitterness, grudges  Giving up right to revenge (this is different from giving up right to justice) Forgiveness may be:  Releasing the other from any obligation they may have to you  Extending a “hand of grace” to the other Nothing can be done to undo what has been done – big trauma Some would argue that forgiveness should not be given unless the “offender” asks for it.  Does forgiveness require an apology first?  Difference between conditional and unconditional forgiveness Forgiveness Process How Grievances are formed  We “rent” a lot of space to our hurt; we replay the hurt and allow it to take up a lot of brain space We give up our power by allowing the other to determine how we feel We believe tha
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