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Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 320
Matthew Bailey- Dick

EXAM Monday April 9 2012 9001130 AM CGUC 1302Tell me more about the article you read about foods that last a long time nonperishable 5 yr pie loaf vacuum seal tunaClass 1 NotesOpens with words from JohnYou brood of vipers preparing the way of Jesus Matthew 3How do you feelChristian Peacemakers may say Christian Peacemaking is and then gives the answer An to that answer they live their whole life and try to convince others of that answer as wellthat their understanding is the correct one What if Christian faith and Christian Peacemaking can be defined just a simply as C is for Cookie but in a completely different wayToday January 5Epiphany holiday today for the Christian calendar the twelfth night after Christmas th Connection with the John the Baptist thing is for him the 12 night after Christmas is the Feast of Theophany celebrates the baptism of Jesus orthodox churchJanuary 5 1527 Felix Mons was the first martyr of the Radical Reformation he was drowned in Zurich in the Lemont River AsymptoteA line on a graph that can be infinitely approached but never reachedYou can draw closer and closer to it but will never be able to cross
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