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Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 320
Matthew Bailey- Dick

Class 3 NotesHow to Christians respond to conflictRadical trajectorya variety of meanings 1 Adjectivemeaning from the roots 2 Adjectivechallenging and extreme in ones viewsforward looking 3 Nouna person can be a radical 4 Slangrad meaning coolChristianity is an invitation to look at conflict and peace differently When you look at the world its full of hexagons the quilt he showed us that was hard to find the pattern of hexagons the world is not full of chaos there is purpose and love a plan and a CreatorAmbivalence things that coexist that would otherwise be contradicting or separateThe article Have Christians done more harm than good pokes at this o He comes up with the idea that its tied up with political things but we need to be fair to Christianity in that at a basic level it hosts contradictory claims which leads toward a redemptive trajectoryo Christianity at its corecan we justify violenceSo ultimately it is not contradicting it merely seems that way without looking at the whole pictureWithin the Christian story there is much ambivalenceo Life and death o Violence and Nonviolence o Gods willmultiple understandings of the will of GodTheme of con
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