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Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 320
Matthew Bailey- Dick

Class 7 Notes Lydia WylieKellermannMovie notes Conviction Sister Ardeth Platte Jackie Hudson and Carol Gilbert live the gospel and are advocates for nonviolence they have been arrested for itSacred Earth and Space Plowshares II activistso People involved in an action go to a military facility witho Hammer the tracks and the missile silo lid so that if the weapons are used they are not used in their name o Poured out their blood from baby bottles onto the silos because children have the least to say about what goes onJesus gave his life with bloodThey would rather give their life than have blood shed in their nameThey pray and say liturgy as they do thisGod teach us how to be peacemakers in a hostile worldNuns went to N8 minute man a missile base and cut the chain of the gate They did this to inspect expose and symbolically disarm the weapons of mass destructionNuclear weaponsMinutes men 3a war head trigger readyThey never used the term successful thats for the cultures the businesses etc They speak in terms of were we faithfulWill we are will we not destroy Gods creationWar killingsthey are immoral actsJonah Houseinternational peace houseCharged with obstruct of national defense 2155 and sabotage 105 o They damaged the parameter fence took it off and laid it on the groundVandalism of government property10 year for sabotage and 20 years for obstruction of national defense o National defense of the US is to have nuclear weapons because other countries have nuclear weapons o Resultsentenced to federal courting Ardeth41 months in federal prison Jackie30 months in federal prison Carol33 months in federalTheir intention was to stop the crime of the US government of using this weapon of mass destruction disarm Americans nuclear capacity o They say it was not to injure the national defenseBy treaty the nuclear weapons have no right to exist the treaties that the US have signed Ted Haggard Strongly disagreeing with the nunsYou need a military to protect freedom it does take force to protect peace He says the nuns do not understand thisThe US has many nuclear weapons many more than people would think o At least 5300 nuclear warheads
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