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University of Waterloo
Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 320
Matthew Bailey- Dick

Week 13 Education Education and LearningSolidarityGod o Three persons of God the three entities within God o Prototypical solidarity at its divine level o The Trinity embodies solidarity within God HimselfHuman solidarity in human terms o Diagram 1 Victiminjusticeviolence o PeopleIn a solidarity relationship they do the work of solidarity by walking with or standing alongside of or advocating on behalf of victims of injustice o Solidarity involves so much more than this thought o The relationship is not always linear or unilateral Diagram 2 The victims accompany others involved in injustice people help victims of injusticeSolidarity is mutual and dynamic Not just people standing outside but rather people from a variety of standpoints in relation to the injustice standing with each other and being in solidarity with one another Diagram 3 God circle o The circle is the world and the center is GodCloseness to people with people closeness to God Being close to God through peopleRegardless of what the situation is people will become closer together as they become closer to God
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