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University of Waterloo
Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 327
Nathan Funk

Week 7 Guest Speaker Lucia Harrison KW Multicultural CentreThe KW Multicultural centre works with new comers who come in to the areaSettlement servicesEmployment programs o Hard for their credentials to be recognized Ex doctors o KW helps with resumes interviewing skills personalteam skillsAbout 25 staff together the staff speaks 27 different languagesInterpreters program 180 hours of training for them 100 different volunteer interpreters and they cover about 65 different languageso They are trained in medical terminology legal terminology etc o Foreign people who dont have interpreters require more work They go to the hospital or the bank and end up coming back again because they dont understandCultural interpretersnot only could they interpret but could also provide cultural context Problem with thistwo people from the same place that speak the same language doesnt mean they have the same culture Just because they live in theo They were trying to provide cultural context to interpretation but just because someone lives in the same are as another doesnt mean they had the same wealth family status education and other life experiences Generation gaps
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