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Lecture 3

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University of Waterloo
Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 327
Nathan Funk

PACS 327Week 3 Class NotesWorldviews Noticing and Talking about the Elephant in the RoomOur cultures gives us an interpretation of the worldThe elephant in the room revealing something about the baggage we carrywe dont really notice its there but once we do notice it and the difference there is conflictCulture Cruise Control brought up in Chapter 3 of the Culture book We learn solutions to our day to day problems and we learn ways of doing things so much so that we do them routinely and do not think much about why we do thingsMindfulnessa basic principle for navigating cultural difference Consciously switching off our cruise control and paying attention to others words and nonverbal actions Paying attention to the context of the behaviour and trying to get inside our own and others assumptions It involves coming up with new mental maps your current mental map may not fit in to wherewhat you are in now so you need to get a new one Barriers to UnderstandingWhy do people from differ
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