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Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 329
Judah Oudshoorn

PACS 329 - January 7, 2013. Week 1 Victims want the offender to know the impact the crime has had on their lives and they want to know that the crime won't happen others/what they can do to ensure that the incident doesn't happen to others. Book report due March 11. January 14, 2013 - Lecture 2 Justice - Fairness - Equality - Impartiality Justice and Political Philosophy - Welfare: the good of a person or group - Freedom: the power to determine action - Virtue: moral excellence, goodness right-ness Value For Price-Gouging Against Price-Gouging Welfare • Markets provide incentives for people to work • Unchecked prices are not good, because hard by supplying what other people want. they are a burden to many in society. Freedom • Markets respect individual freedom by not • Buyers under duress have no freedom. imposing value on goods and services. Virtue • Greed can be a virtue: a “good” way of being • Greed is a vice: a “bad” way of being. – it might, for example, foster creativity & People are being treated in a way that enterprise. they don’t deserve. Justice and philosophy Philosopher Justice Aristotle • Giving people what they deserve (ancient) • What virtues are worthy of honour and reward? VIRTUE • What is the most desirable way of life? • Law is not neutral on virtue. Kant to Rawls • Justice related to rights should not rest on any particular virtues. (modern) • A just society respects each person’s freedom to choose his or her own conception FREEDOM of the good life. Discuss - is law an attempt to do justice? - Rule of law replaced rule of man - no one is above the law - implemented rule of law because we wanted to create a system where everyone is held accountable in society. - their is a sense of justice here because everyone is held accountable the same way - however the prison systems show that the majority of people that get caught up in our criminal justice system are Aboriginals, those who struggle with poverty, people with mental help issues, black Canadians. - Is criminal law about justice or is it simply about law? - Crime is something that affects peoples' lives What is "justice"? Read these articles and answer the question: what is justice? - Rizutto funeral home bombing. - Adam Nobody - not very just because the people who were suppose to provide justice did not do so at first and they only arrested one out of three men after the public pressured them to do so. - justice depends when, where, and how, and on what specifications - justice would be a fair trials with the officers and witnesses being honest about who was actually all involved - restoration - Adam can speak about how this affected him and the police should also go for rehabilitation, speak about how this affects them. The community as well - having the police held accountable to the city and allowing the community to feel safe and that the police will strive for justice and not just protecting themselves. - John's being re-arrested - Newton school massacre All of these cases have affects on the victim, offender, community, society, social causes, etc. All of these show that Justice is different for situations. We can't adress all of these but we can look at crime more holistically.
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