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Lecture 9

PHIL 110B Lecture 9: Anderson – Women’s Life as Commodity

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University of Waterloo
Patricia Marino

Anderson – Women’s Life as Commodity  A commercial surrogate is someone who is paid money to bear a child for someone else and terminate her parental rights  The modern market is characterized in terms of legal and social norms which governs the exchange of commodities  A commodity Is something for which the norms of the market are appropriate for regulating it’s production  If moral principles prevent market norms from regulating it’s production and enjoyment, then it is not a commodity  Distributing something in accordance to market norms may fail to value it in an appropriate way  Slavery, market norms, not valuing the person in an appropriate way  Surrogacy, Father pays lawyer to find surrogate mother, she becomes pregnant and carrys the child until born and then gives up parental rights transferring custody of child to father  The surrogate mother is forced to agree to not form a bond with the child  Women are treated as commodity and their usual labour as a mother is not valued appropriately  Child are degraged and status is also reduced to that of a commoditiy which you can buy and sell  The proper valuation of children by parents is through a loving relationship of unconditional love that must not be earned  This parental love has implications on how other people can treat that child parent relationships  Other people should not try to compromise the relationship  It promotes the parent’s interests over the interests of the chid  Requires policing of relationship between mother and child  IT may be argued that the child is entering into a loving home, but it disregards the sale that happened which may cause the child to live in fear of being sold again “if I was sold
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