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Who Killed the Electric Car? Movie

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Brian Orend

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012 Who Killed the Electric Car? - Electric cars were cars of choice (small, and convenient) – could be charged from home - Unlike gas cars that needed to be cranked - Automatic starters, mass-production, speed was what put gas cars before the electric car o Modern cars age began - Gas cars – were popular but it became apparent that smog and pollution was increasing because of it - Every gallon on gas we burn adds 19 gallons of carbon dioxide in the air o If you don’t do anything to CO2 it will cluster into the atmosphere and Co2 causes global warming - Sun racer – solar powered vehicle (made by GM) - CARB – California Air Recourse Board saw that the electric car was a good thing - US created a mandate (0 Emission Mandate 1990) o Which meant that any car company that wanted to sell cars, they needed to create cars without an exhaust - EV Driver (is the electric car) – Sunfire (GM) - California had to drop the mandate because they were against it and had supporters - Oil companies were behind all the fuss - New agreement made which stated that, car companies can sell the cars only if there is customer demand for the cars - Customers now were forced to provide a lot of proof that they were capable to pay for the car, it was very expensive – only celebrities could buy them - Hydrogen fuel introduced – gas cars starting to take over the electric car o Therefore, electric cars and fuel based cars had a debate with board members o Allan Lloyd (a board member) was biased against the electric car - Shows how badly the American system works - GM came up with such a good product; however, the car companies sued the Californian government and therefore they had to take back all the cars from their customers in July 2004 - Electric cars do not bring in profit for the oil and gas companies therefore they see it as a threat - Why did GM want the Ev1’s back? And what they were going to do with them? o Rumors circulated that they were being transported to Arizona o GM headquarters: 50 Ev1’s crushed - Ev1 were left in a lot (about 78) – many people were willing to buy the cars for the residual value o They offered GM 1.5 million in a cheque but they denied -
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