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PHIL 215
Brian Orend

Note! The lectures link page has migrated to: 2012/09/13/phil-215-lecture-notes-uwaterloo-fall-2012-professor-brian-orend/ PHIL 215 Lecture #11 Today: Globalization & International Business 1. Documentary: “No Logo” 2. Pros & Cons of Globalization 3. Effects of Multinational Corporations 4. Cultural / Moral Disagreements in International Business Video: “No Logo” YouTube: Wikipedia: Naomi Klein: Mickey Mouse Goes to Haiti: - Part 1: - Part 2: “*Cocooning”: - “North American” Marketing Strategy - Consumer is King - No other connections - No compromise neighbours - Suburbia Car Culture Globalization: Increasing widening & deepening of interconnections between national economies, especially since of WWII (1945), but especially since end of Cold War (1991). Interconnectintion economically (trade, especially), but also culturally & socially. Historical Note: There have been previous eras of relative globalization, and they all came to an end. (Especially 1815-1914: UK as pro-free-trade “hegemon”; huge tech progress; peace & stability; mass consumer culture, etc) Pros: ● 20% increase in overall national wealth (GDP) from robust engagement in international trade ● Greater exposure to cultural diversity ● Greater exposure to diversity of goods (e.g. produce: “foodies”) ● Interconnection strong disincentive to go to war (e.g. European Union) Cons: ● Interconnection can also be a drag (e.g. Greece & world-wide financial crisis) ● Some associate it with U.S. dominance ● Relatedly, others argue globalization eliminates cultural diversity over time (Naomi Klein; “McWorld”; big-box suburbia conquers the world) ● Globalization, or “Big Trade Bloc”??? ● There are still winners & losers in globalization. Losers: - The global poor, especially regarding agriculture * service sector - The non-connected (“Global Digital Divide”) - Manufacturing in developed world. ● To the extent globalization is pro-capitalism, all the pros & cons previously discussed. *(Hint, final will most likely
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