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PHIL 215
Brian Orend

Module 4 notesLoyalty and WhistleBlowingCorporate LoyaltyCase Studies of Whistle BlowingLoyalty is an expectation of the employerTheres a fundamental vagueness about its meaningDifference of opinion between employer and employeeWith professions requirement of loyalty is written into the code of ethics What does loyalty meanShould it extend to cases where whistleblowing has occurredWhistleblowingan employee calling public attention to his companys alleged wrongdoingCase Studies of WhistleBlowingThe InsiderRussel Crowa research chemist at a tobacco factory in Virginia o At IssueShould he blow the whistle on his own company who has been denying that they have any knowledge about the addictiveness of nicotine o In the end he does blow the whistle and reveals that the company knew about the addictiveness and as a result he is firedhis wife and children leave himhe loses his homehe was subject to physical intimidationunderwent many lawsuitsSilkwood a movie based on an activist named Karen Silkwood o She was a whistleblower on negligent practices in the nuclear power industryFirst Challenger shuttle explosion in 1986 o Roger Boisjoly worked for a company called Mortin Thiokola supplies to NASA o Why did the challenger explode Because of an O ringWhat is an O RingTwo separate parts that are made out of inflexible material can be sealed or held together by an O ringTemperature freezing cold in January caused the rubber to peel away from one of the segments allowing flammable gas to escape and ignite the explosion of the entire shuttleBoisjoly involved in the research of the O ring warned of the probability of an explosion occurringDuring the investigation Boisjoly blew the whistle on Thiokol after the fact He gave many warning with much data and memos supporting the warning o As a resultProgressively demotedFiredLoses family and homeCannot find employment in his field
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